The smoothest guitar in street soul

Strong R&B flavors, razor sharp vocals, and Grant Green guitar licks: Morris Mobley is the modern soul personna of world-class session musician Slikk Tim. With solid personal compositions and a strong lyrical sense, Morris Mobley ventures into a sharp, neo-noir vibe, ranging from nostalgic love to nocturnal moods.

Luxurious synths, sophisticated chords and a pounding 808 includes distinct nods to Houston Rap and Chicago House whilst covering the likes of Don Blackman and Steely Dan.

On stage, Morris is joined by pianist Giuliano Veludo and drummer Yvan Keller for a mesmerizing, heartfelt performance.


Solo Releases

Random Name

Movin' On
2018, Arcane NYC

Turntable Lab Review:
'Next level smooth: An incredible achievement in smoothed-out house and funky jazz fusion - all penned, played, sang and recorded by that dapper dude on the cover.

It's obvious from the first listen that Mobley is an insanely talented musician.

Not only is the production on point through out (gotta love all that DX-7 action), but those guitar solos are just too nice! Check the title track for a taste, then get down to the amped up boogie of "Stop Playing Games," before cooling it down with a steamy version of Don Blackman's "Since You Been Away."
The smoothness runs deep and continues with the instrumental cut "Midnight Stroll," and the slickly acidic Steely Dan cover of "Glamour Profession."

This thing has been in heavy rotation at TTL HQ and warrants repeat listens to catch all the funky intricacies. 180 gram pressing with printed inner sleeve and press photo. Recommended. '

12" Vinyl LP is sold out. Limited copies, exclusive Japanese CD edition & digital available on Bandcamp and iTunes.


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